P. 11

They are already there, in their usual place next to the alley leading up to The

                   Lanes. He can see that George is already begging; his little head disappears and
                   then emerges again among the thousands of humans on the street. Matt acts

                   lookout, and like a vulture he watches people who have purses in their back

                   pockets. Along the wall stands a bag of beer that Eik immediately offers to him as
                   he arrives.

                     "Do you want a beer from the bag?" He asks. He bends over and opens a can,

                   which he bequeaths Janokovic.
                   He whistles, and George and Matt come to them. Janokovic looks out over the

                   area to see if the patrol is to be seen anywhere, but the darkness and the sea of
                   tourists that’s on the promenade now, makes it hard for him to get any kind of

                   overview of the situation.

                     "Let’s drive!," it roars out from the park next door.
                     "Listen to me, I said I had a plan, and now you need to know what it is. But we're

                   in a hurry to make it happen within the next half hour. We need some money,

                   don't we? ”He says, as he looks at his watch.
                     "You know, the Ferris wheel - I'll try to stop it, and it’s just about to happen."

                     "To stop it! And then what? ” Says Matt, looking at him baffled.
                     “When the wheel stops, people panic, and then I empty the box in the ticket

                   door, while others steal purses and bags. Are you in? ” Janokovic says excitedly.

                     "Clever. You cheeky fucker."
                     "Well, how do we stop it?" Eik asks.

                   Janokovic pats on his jacket so they all can see the bulge.

                     "We'll see," Says George, completing the sentence for him.
                     "We have exactly half an hour from now," Janokovic eagerly says

                   and continues: “We meet at Curry House at 8pm. My mom and Jack went there a

                   couple of hours ago. They usually go to the pub and drink beer after eating, so
                   they are definitely gone when we come. ”

                     Janokovic sets off towards the Ferris wheel and disappears in the crowd. The

                   closer he gets, the more overwhelming it seems - was there anything to it being
                   England's biggest Ferris wheel?

                     The queue for the wheel is long; it curves around for about 20 meters from the
                   ticket door. He continues to grind through the crowd towards the wheel. It is
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