P. 8

"Curry House is a dump," she continues on the phone. She doesn't wait for an

                   answer from him; instead she keeps talking to Jack on the phone.
                   At the end of the hallway there is a small staircase leading up to the 1st floor. He

                   walks the stairs in four quick steps and positions himself on the landing. The first

                   floor consists of three small rooms; one is his, the other two are a toilet and his
                   mother's bedroom. She calls it that, even though it is really just a small room

                   with an old bed in the middle that serves as a storage room, filled with boxes of

                   old clothes, porcelain, made curtains and a lot of other rubbish that nobody in
                   the house bothers with. The only thing her mother uses in the room is the little

                   ironing board that is packed right inside the door, as well as a new iron that Jack
                   has given her.

                     The door to Jano's room opens in the one hinge it hangs, pushing it open. Jack

                   had promised to repair it over a year ago. Jano throws himself on the bed,
                   fumbles after a cigarette in his pocket of his jacket, finds one and turns it on.

                     "Do you want to join us for Curry House, me and Jack?"

                   Mom’s voice cuts through the thin walls of the house to muffle the television
                   noise. She wants to be sure that he can hear her, so she has to shout extra loudly.

                   It's a habit they have; they shout to each other through the house.
                   Jano gets up on his elbow and shouts back as high as he can:

                     "No, I don't want to go over there. I’ll eat here."

                     “It's so typical you. Then you have to eat some of the Spam cans I've picked up.
                   You know how to fry it. You’ve done it before." Mom shouts back.

                     "Well, I’ll go with Jack. At least he’s inviting."

                   Shortly afterwards, Jano heard the television being switched off and the front
                   door slammed.

                   As soon as she's gone, he goes downstairs, into the kitchen, opens the fridge and

                   pulls out a can of Spam and starts making a couple of sandwiches, which he
                   brings upstairs with a glass of milk.

                     After eating the two toasts, he sits on the bedside. He puts the plate aside on the

                   floor and dives under the bed to make sure his bottle of methylated spirits is still
                   there, he also finds a few cartoons he wants to read. With a few copies of Batman,

                   he lies down on the bed and begins to read, but after reading a few pages, he
                   gives up. Instead, he takes a cigarette from the pack, lights it and lays back,
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