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The Woman of the Night

          Reysher  started  to  waltz  around  the  room,

          making every suitor she came in contact with fall

          head  over  heels;  she  danced  and  danced.  Craig

          made his way across the room and asked her to

          dance  with  him  to  which  she  accepted,  they
          talked  and  laughed  and  danced  the  night  away.

          She  charmed  him  with  her  personality  and

          beauty,  it  was  like  Craig  was  under  a  spell,  he

          believed anything Reysher said to him. It was at

          that  moment  that  the  fisherman’s  banquet
          organizer,  Nigel,  became  suspicious  about

          Reysher’s true identity.  Reysher convinced Craig

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