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The Woman of the Night

         She  lured  him  out  into  the  dark  of  the  night  far

         away from the party. Once they were in the woods

         Craig  quickly  realized  just  exactly  what  and  who
         Reysher was, but his cries for help went unheard as

         he met a fatal end.

         Reysher  walked  back  to  the  party  still  hungry  for

         more. When she arrived back at the banquet, she
         ran into Kalil who was  searching for his best friend,

         Craig. She assured him that Craig was unwell and

         went home early, Reysher sat with Kalil and talked

         to him but what she didn’t  realize was that Nigel

         was lurking in the shadows, listening to everything

         and  trying  to  figure  out  who  this  stunning  and
         unusual  woman  really  was.  Nigel  started  asking

         people in the crowd if they saw when Craig left, but

         when nobody could answer him, he started to get


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