Page 11 - The Island Hopping Thief
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The Island Hopping Thief

         They  saw  some  papers  on  a  table  giving

         information  on  where  it  will  be  activated,

         St  George’s.  They  then  rushed  to  tell  Inspector
         Smith  the  plan.  Tonight  they  were  going  to  catch

         him once and for all.

         At 8 pm the thief had a moving platform that put

         the machine into place. The police surrounded him.

         Out  of  surprise,  he  activated  the  machine  and

         nothing happened . They all started to laugh. The
         thief  was  really  disappointed.  Together  they  said

         “you’re  under  arrest!”.  The  thief  started  to  cry  as

         Inspector Smith handcuffed him. Before they threw

         him in jail, he said “this is not the last time you will

         see me!”.

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