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The Island Hopping Thief

          and disappointed, this  could have been their only
          chance.  The bad thing was that the thief would

          be  way  more  aware  of  what  he  was  doing.  Irie

          and his friends persuaded Inspector Smith to plan

          a  gala  for  the  gem,  hoping  the  thief  would  be

          there.  In  the  morning  they  arrived  enthusiastic,
          and they hoped their plan would work.

          They  scanned  the  place  to  see  if  anyone  was

          acting suspicious and, after a while, they caught

          sight  of  a  shady-looking  man  standing  really
          close to the gem. He had short, brown hair, black

          skin and a wild beard. They started to  surround

          him, that’s when he got nervous and walked away

          really fast.  Irie pointed and said “Stop him! he’s

          the thief !”. Keith jumped and grabbed the thief's
          legs. The thief tumbled to the ground.

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