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The Island Hopping Thief

          St Lucia, and Dominica. The club figured the thief
          was  going  to  steal  the  New  Jade  Nutmeg  of

          Grenada,  because  Grenada  is  the  last  of  the

          Windward Island’s.

          It was the team’s job to stop him, but first they
          had to discover the pattern of the Island Hopping

          Thief.  The  thief  first  stole  the  Ruby  of    Roseau

          River,  then  snatched  the    Soufriere  Sapphire  of

          St  Vincent,  and  finally  swiped  the  Beryl

          Birthstone  of  the  Boiling  Lake  of  St  Lucia.
          Grenada was the only untouched so far. They told

          Inspector Smith to put extra security on the gem,

          he said he was going to put his best men on it.

          Irie,  Rosa  and  Keith  planned  a  stake  out  at

          10:30  pm  in  the  museum,  where  the  New  Jade
          was  held.  After  about  two  hours,  they  saw  a

          shadowy figure creep into the building.  The team

          pounced on the dark figure and ran after the thief

          with  lightning  speed.  Soon  enough  they  were

          running out of breath but they couldn’t give up

          now;  they  were  too  close.  The  thief  then
          disappeared into thin air. The team was tired and

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