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The Island Hopping Thief

         Irie lost his patience and shouted “ enough playing

         around, give us the information that we want or we

         will  have  to  use  drastic  measures”.  That  shocked
         the accomplice. He then said out of fear, the thief

         would  steal  it  at  8  pm  tonight  and  that  he  was

         creating a machine to help him. They asked him if

         he knew anything else but he said he did not. The

         team  was  really  happy  they  knew  the  Island
         Hopper’s plan, now they were going to trap him.

         They  made  the  necessary  preparations  and  was

         ready  for  the  Island  Hopper  at  8  pm  sharp.

         The  team  saw  the  same  shadowy  figure  but,
         instead  of  running  after  him,  they  stayed  quiet.

         The thief took something out of his pocket and ran

         away.  The  team  was  very  curious  but,  suddenly,

         they figured it out:  Sneed snuck a wakie talkie  into

         jail  and  informed  the  thief  of  what  Irie  and  the
         team was   going to do. Irie was steamed and felt

         horrible  that  the  thief  got  away.  Just  when  the

         team  thought  all  was  lost,  Rosa  found  a  secret

         trapdoor.  She  said  “come  over  here  guys”.  They

         crawled in and it led them to the thief`s secret hide

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