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The Island Hopping Thief
            rie Holmes is a 14 year old boy who has a knack
          for solving mysteries. Along with his two trusted

          friends,  Rosa  and  Keith,  they  started  a  detective

          club  when  they  were  only  nine  years  old.  Irie  is

          tall and skinny, has  braded hair and is strong and

          athletic.  Rosa is shorter than Irie, wears glasses,
          hates to run and is a straight A student. Keith is

          quiet  and  has  a  stone  face.  He  likes  to  play

          outside and knows a lot about mechanics.

          A  few  days  ago,  they  got a  case  from  Inspector

          Smith: they had to find a thief called “The island

          hopping  thief”.    The  police  knew  he  stole  three
          valuable and sacred jewels from St Vincent,

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