Page 10 - The Island Hopping Thief
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The Island Hopping Thief

         Keith saw the gems and grabbed them. Suddenly,

         they were all trapped in a net. The thief walked out

         of  the  shadows  and  chuckled  as  he  revealed  his

         secret  plan.  He  planted  10  bombs  all  over
         St  George`s,  activated  by  a  machine.  If  the  police

         didn’t  give  him  the  last  gem  by  8  pm,  he  would

         activate the machine, blowing up the city.

         Soon as he left, they started to work on an escape

         plan.  Irie  always  carried  a  mini  knife  that  his  dad
         gave  him.  He  used  the  knife to  cut  the  net.  Keith

         started  to  reverse-engineer  the  machine  so  that

         when the thief activates it, it will just shut down.

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