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Notes From The


                                                   By Robert W. Jones

                                                  First, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of iNETrepreneur
                                                  Network, the growth we have experienced, and the creation of this
                                                  magazine. None of this would be possible without the loyal support
                                                  of our members, guests, and facilitators who faithfully run and attend
                                                  each of our weekly meetings.

                                                  This quarter’s issue features Craig Darling, and he talks about how
                                                  to generate more qualified leads for your business so that you can
                                                  improve your bottom line faster.
       Welcome                                    Then our editor, Brian K. Wright, interviewed Peter Voogd, author of

                                                  the newly released book 7 Rules to 7 Figures, and he talks about what
       to the 9th                                 to takes to move from six-figures to seven figures a year.

                                                  This issue also features an interview with Aaron Wagner, who is a
       edition of                                 multi-millionaire real estate investor and restaurant business owner.
                                                  We discussed how to build a multi-million dollar network.

       iNETrepreneur                              You’ll also read about tips and tricks to find publicity, thriving in the
                                                  new virtual business world, the five keys to success, alternative
                                                  investment strategies, why virtual events should be part of your
                                                  business model, and a lot more.

                                                  I hope you enjoy this issue as much as my team and I enjoyed putting
                                                  it together.

                                                  To your success,

                                                  Robert W. Jones

                                                  Founder, Network Together

                                                  Publisher, iNETrepreneur Magazine

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