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Generating More Qualified

                                                  Leads For Your Business

                                                  by Brian K. Wright and Craig Darling

         Brian: Craig, tell us about your background.  , and Resource 4 Project.

         Craig:  I’m a music major that discovered the           We have a number of things going on, but it’s all
         automobile business, and because of the timing          focused on Google and Google My Business.
         of the automobile business, I was one of the first      Brian: If somebody wanted to hire you, what
         people to start adopting the internet in my work.       should they expect from you in terms of what you’ll
         I had to develop what we call a CRM, or customer        be able to do for them?
         retention systems. I developed email marketing,         Craig:  It depends what they’re hiring me for. If
         and as a result of my work bringing automobiles         they’re hiring me to manage their Google Business
         online, I was inducted into the Automotive Hall         profile, then I take it all. I create visibility regimens
         of Fame in June of 1997. So, that’s how I got to        and regular postings. I optimize the Google profiles
         where I am now.                                         to make them relevant. A Google Business profile
         Brian: That’s fantastic. What led you to start your     is only returned to the first position. So, the idea
         company?                                                behind it is to make it as relevant as possible for
         Craig:  The reality is that in the automobile           keywords and key searches, instead of the name
         business, I was making less and less money and          of the company.
         working more and more as certain market forces          I do all of that, and it’s basically turnkey when
         came together.                                          somebody hires me for that.
         So, one day, I just decided, I was going to start       And then of course, I give them monthly reports.
         doing this on my own.                                   I tell them what’s going on, what’s trending, and
         I had a gentleman that needed a computer                what’s happening with their profile. I can how
         infrastructure for his company that he was              many phone calls they got, and how many people
         building. And I said, “Let me do it because you         walked into their business because of their Google
         don’t have $250 million, and you can just pay me        Business profile. I can also see how many people
         $1000 a week to do this for you. And at the same        went to their website, or how many people bought
         time, I’ll be building my company, how’s that?          their products online.
         And he said, “Deal”. And now, he has the largest        Basically, a Google business profile is a micro
         motorcycle converging company in the world, and         website directly on Google search.
         it’s in Gilbert, Arizona. He was my first client back   Brian: Wow. That’s fantastic. What kinds of results
         in 2015 and is still a client today.                    have you gotten for people?

         Brian: That’s a good long time. Tell us about your      Craig:  Well, not typical results. I’ll tell you the best
         business.                                               one that I ever had. I had a little furniture company

         Craig:  My company is Darling Companies, and we         in Chandler, Arizona, that got 4.9 million clicks in
         have several different companies below us: Darling      December. My average client gets about 200,000
         Digital, The Visibility Institute, Demanding Dog,       views a month.

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