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Living A Prosperous Life Of

                                             Happiness And Love

                                              By Dawna Campbell

                                           There is a reason    •   Health: Increasing your overall wellness, dis-
                                           why award-              creating sickness, and illness
                                           winning presenter    •   Wealth: Creating an abundant mindset,
                                           and speaker,            manifesting, and increasing prosperity
                                           Dawna Campbell,      •   Relationships: Attracting more love in your life, soul
                                           is known as “The        mates, family, community
        Mind Whisperer.” That is because when people work       •   Spiritual: Aligning with your life purpose, path, and
        with Dawna, their lives change! Dawna knows how to         direction in life
        get to the subconscious root of the issues that keep    •   Emotional: Releasing trauma and abuse, self-
        people from having the money, relationships, or better     worth, knowing that you matter
        health they want. As an energy healer working on the    With a heart-centered healing philosophy, Dawna
        subconscious level, Dawna is all about inspiring others   bridges together the body and mind through the
        to create an abundant life of happiness, prosperity, and   heart space. By leading with the heart on the inside,
        love.                                                   the center between spirit and matter, Dawna creates
                                                                an abundant mindset with you. A life full of joy is
        Dawna’s passion is empowering heart-centered            discovered when the heart is restored, rebalanced, and
        entrepreneurs to discover, release, and transform       recreated.
        the hidden stuck “why” into prosperity in all areas of
        life. Dawna shows how to do this through her book,      “All of life’s trials and tribulations leave us healing the
        “Financially Fit,” as a professional speaker, group     heart space. We are not designed to live in depression,
        programs, and her international private practice.       loneliness, fear, anxiety, or stress, yet we experience
                                                                these every day”, shares Dawna. When the heart is
        Dawna shares: “The law of attraction says what you      in alignment with the mind, coherence happens and
        think is what attracts back to you. We have over 60,000   unlimited abundance is the result. We can truly live a
        thoughts a day that produce a frequency and vibration   prosperous life of happiness and love.
        that send out signals to the universe and other
        people returning that very energy back to you. Most
        of the time, we are only aware of 10 percent of these
        thoughts. The remaining 90 percent of the thoughts are    Dawna Campbell has helped people around the world live
        hidden in our subconscious, completely unknown to         the life they desire and deserve through her Heart-Centered
        us.”                                                      Healing, combining her wisdom, knowledge and experience.
        Dawna has an innate ability to uncover the hidden         Dawna is known as the Mind Whisperer mentoring and
        masked energy behind the thought causing discomfort       empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs step into their power
        or pain stopping you from achieving your goals. She       and gain infinite prosperity.
        then releases the stuck energy in the subconscious
        and transforms it to create the desired outcome, often    She is a #1 international best-selling author, “Financially Fit:
        creating instantaneous results. Her primary focus is to   Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life.” As a
        reprogram the feelings that hold you back from being      professional speaker, she has shared the stage with Lisa Nichols,
        worthy, true happiness, and internal peace. When her
        clients go through the transformation process, people     Dr. Joe Vitale, Sharon Lechter, and Kevin Harrington. Dawna has
        take notice.                                              also been featured on Fox News, NBC, Yahoo Finance, Amazon
                                                                  Fire, and Roku TV.
        As a former Financial Advisor, Dawna’s expertise is in
        aligning the energy world of money with the mind’s
        subconscious energy. Additional areas where Dawna
        assists include physical, emotional, mental, and         You can find Dawna at
        spiritual aspects:                                        as well as and 208-

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