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Brian: When someone gets that many views,              So many of us in the business world spend all
        do you help them somehow convert those                 kinds of time trying to drive traffic to our websites.
        into appointments or sales? How does that              The crazy thing is that we can create a Google
        relationship work?                                     Business website and not have to drive people

        Craig:  Well, once they go to your website, walk       anywhere, but actually allow Google to feature our
        through your door, or call you on the phone, that’s    services and our products as search results.
        on you. All I can do is give you the exposure. It’s    We don’t have to drive traffic anywhere if the
        up to you to convert them into a sale.                 traffic is driven to us. And that’s what Google
        Nobody knows what it’s like to be the number one       does. So, Google has tried to create a program
        search result 50,000 times until it happens, and       that keeps people on their platform longer just like
        you better be ready for it. I have clients call me up   Facebook and LinkedIn and everyone else.
        and say, “I didn’t know I was going to have to hire    So, what they’ve done to develop that, is they’ve
        somebody to answer the phones.” It’s not a bad         given us, consumers and business owners,
        thing.                                                 these free Google tools. All we have to do is fill
        Brian: If you do get a sudden influx of traffic, you   out Google tools with our content, services, and
        have to have the infrastructure in place to handle     our products, and Google will serve them up to
        it. Do you find that’s a big challenge for your        the people that they think are most likely to do
        clients?                                               business with us.

        Craig:  Sometimes it is.                               Brian: That’s amazing.
        Brian: You mentioned your very first client. Do you    Craig:  It really is. And somebody said, “Well, how
        have another client that is a favorite example of      do they do it?” I said, “You know what? I don’t care.
        yours?                                                 They spent $4 billion figuring it out. I don’t have
        Craig:  We have a chain of dealerships that            that much money. So, I’m going to ride along with
        hired us. They were one of our first clients, and
        they were spending $50,000 a month on digital          Brian: Exactly. Thank you for being here.
        marketing. Now, I am the only bill that they spend.
        Now they get about 1,500 phone calls a month.            Craig Darling is a member of Chevrolet’s Hall of Fame and SCCA
        They get about 2,500 people a month drive to their       Men’s Rookie of the Year 1997. He has been doing Internet
        location, and they get about 5,000 people a month        marketing since 1993, is an Amazon Best Selling contributing
        going to their websites.                                 author, Co-Founder of AdZoo Marketing and Social Outbreak,
        Brian: That’s amazing.                                   and Founder and CEO of Darling Companies, LLC, a Google My
        Craig:  So, I am the oldest service that they have.      Business Agency.
        They were spending $50,000 a month. So, they’re
        saving better than $49,000 a month.                      Craig has with active clients around the globe, delivering
        Brian:  So, it pays to pay a professional because        management and training services focused on Google My
        you can get it done cheaper if you get it done right     Business and Google tools. It’s the least expensive, most
        in the long run?                                         effective, way to be found on the internet today.
        Craig:  That’s true.
        Brian: Where can we find you and maybe what are
        your final thoughts?                                    Find Craig at, email him
        Craig:  You can find me at                 at or call
        That’s the easiest way to find what I’m talking
        about with Google My Business.

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