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        Tennis is one of the most competitive sports   to do this, the other team receives the point.
        globally, with the United States at the   At the end of the initial rally, the players must
        forefront of success. This sport is incredibly   alternate after every two successful serves.
        accessible, with regulation courts available   The game continues until the winning players
        at local parks, community centers, and   reach four points.
        gyms. Tennis is a sport for all ages, with   Tennis provides a wide variety of health
        lessons available at all skill levels. There are   benefits such as increased aerobic capacity,
        many playing variations of this sport, each   enhanced metabolic function, and improved
        consisting of one to two players per team.   muscle tone and strength. There are mental

        Tennis requires a great deal of precision   benefits to tennis as well, such as stress
        and technique to excel. There are minimal   reduction and increased reaction speeds.
        equipment requirements aside from a court,   Before starting to play tennis, contact your
        a racquet, and a tennis ball. Tennis scoring   physician and ensure that this sport is a good
        can be rather complicated for beginners to   fit for your lifestyle.
        the sport. References to points include zero
        or “Love,” one point is “Fifteen,” two points
        are “Thirty,” three points are “Forty,” and  ask the rdN:
        four points are “Game.” Tennis is played   beginners-guide-to-tennis-with-tie-breaker-
        on a rectangular court with both a net and   rules/                       DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR
        a baseline representing the ball’s boundaries.  INCREASING MY PROTEIN INTAKE
        The player has two chances to hit their serve   html
        onto the opposite side of the court. If they fail                         ON ‘MEATLESS MONDAY?’
                                                                                  Ancient grains are a great option for Meatless
                                                                                  Monday as many contain complete proteins.
                                                                                  Complete proteins are those that contain all
                                                                                  of the essential amino acids needed within the
                                                                                  body, like quinoa, buckwheat, and farro. In
                                                                                  addition to these options, foods containing soy
                                                                                  also provide a significant amount of protein.
                                                                                  Pairing these grains with other carbohydrates,
                                                                                  like rice and beans, or pita  and hummus,
                                                                                  creates a complete protein because these items
                                                                                  contain different amino acids. When eaten
                                                                                  together, the proteins combine in your gut
                                                                                  during digestion to make a complete protein.

                                                                                  ARE THERE ANY LONG-TERM
                                                                                  SOLUTIONS FOR WHEN I AM
                                                                                  HEADING ON VACATION AND HAVE
                                                                                  EXTRA FOOD IN MY REFRIGERATOR?
                                                                                  Believe it or not, the answer is simple. Freeze it!
                                                                                  As long as you have room in your freezer, the
                                                                                  options are endless. Place prepared fresh herbs
                                                                                  in ice cube trays with stock for later use. Freeze
                                                                                  leftover lunch meat for up to three months if it
                                                                                  is fresh at the time of freezing. You can freeze
                                                                                  any cheese by wrapping it tightly. You can also
                                                                                  freeze leftover pasta or rice to add to soups or
                                                                                  stews later. So next time you are headed out of
                                                                                  town or don’t think you will eat those left-overs
                                                                                  right away, consider freezing them.

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