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Health Savings Account

        When you choose the Health

        Investment Plan as your health
        plan option, you will enjoy the
        benefits of an HSA. An HSA is a
        savings account designed to help

        you pay for health care expenses
        using a combination of company
        contributions and any tax-deferred
        contributions you may choose to make. It helps you save on health care now

        and through retirement. once you enroll in the Health Investment Plan you will
        have the opportunity to add additional contributions to your HSA through your account.

        Any additional contributions you make (subject to IRS limitations) will allow your
        balance to grow. The money in your account is “always yours” and remaining balances

        will carry over year after year. (Remember, you pay no income taxes on amounts you
        choose to contribute to the HSA.)

        HSA Contribution Limits Spending Account

        You can realize significant tax savings by making contributions to your HSA. each
        year the IRS establishes maximum contributions for HSA accounts. Keep in mind,
        contributions made by the company are considered a part of the IRS limit.

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