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Medical Plan Options (continued)

               When You Visit the Doctor

               No matter which
               medical plan you are

               enrolled in always
               confirm that your
               physician or medical
               facility is in the

               BCBSTX network to
               ensure you receive
               the lowest possible
               cost for services

               received. of course
               you may choose any
               provider you wish, but
               you will always receive the lowest negotiated prices and highest reimbursements

               when you select a network doctor or facility.

               Preventive services are covered at 100%. You will pay nothing out-of-pocket for
               these services.

                                                                      Prior to your visit or procedure, be
                                                                      sure to inform the provider which
                                                                      medical plan you are in. You should

                                                                      discuss payment arrangements
                                                                      ahead of time to see if you will be
                                                                      expected to make payment at the
                                                                      time services are received, or if you
                                                                      will be billed by the provider.

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