Page 1 - FSUOGM Week 28 2021
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Issue 1134               14•July•2021                      Week 28

                    ™     ™Nord Stream 2 eyes August finish

                            The CEO of the Nord Stream 2 operating company expects construction of the
                            pipeline to finish in August.

                    ™     ™Linden sees Bulgarian LNG prospects

                            US firm Linden is set to acquire a stake in Bulgarian gas trader Overgas in order to
                            develop LNG trade in the country.

                    ™     ™Albania seeks Caspian gas

                            Albania has agreed with TAP on the construction of a gas entry point to
                            allow it to tap Caspian gas supplies.

                    ™     ™Russian fuel price spike

                            Russian wholesale gas prices are nearing record levels as a result of high
                            international rates and increased summer demand.
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