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   “Character is unfakeable goodness.” – David Brooks
   Character describes what kind of person someone is.
   It can include integrity, honesty, loyalty, kindness, accountability,
   fairness, caring and other values that you hold to be important.
   Children and young people need to be guided towards a clear sense
   of right and wrong and a commitment to integrity, honesty and
   trustworthiness & they take their lead from you.
   Children need a fundamental sense of right and wrong to ensure
   they are prepared to make wise choices, contribute to the world, and
   become stable, well balanced adults.

   Children with character enjoy a strong sense of self-worth and
   confidence. They are more comfortable sticking to their own values
   and demonstrating a caring attitude towards others and are more

   resilient to peer pressure.
   To foster this sense of character, here are some things to consider:

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