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2 More Key C’s

  I always add two further C’s to building long term resilience.
  ·      Counting
  ·      Courage

  Many years ago, research by was carried out *(see reference) to
  discover why some children become ‘successful’ in the broader sense,
  and others don’t.
  The findings were very clear regarding those differences: children who
  succeed have close relationships with others, particularly their
  immediate family, feel valued in their communities & have a sense of
  control over some aspects of their lives.
  While children who are in trouble feel isolated, useless to society and
  The children in trouble are missing four important necessities to
  manage life’s challenges.
      They are missing feeling connected to others, whether that is their
      family or the community.

      They are missing feeling capable to take care of themselves.
      They are missing feeling valuable, that they count and that they
      matter & they make a difference.
      They are missing courage.

  These fundamentals are needed for children to feel that they can meet
  and manage the challenges of life.
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