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  When children realise that they can control the outcomes of their
  decisions and actions, they’re more likely to know that they have the
  ability to do what it takes to bounce back.
  On the other hand, if you make all the decisions, children are denied
  the opportunity to learn control and you rob them of the opportunity to
  learn to take responsibility for their own choices and their own actions.
  A child who feels “everything always happens to me” tends to become
  a victim of life, passive, pessimistic, or even depressed because they
  see control as external – and outside of their influence because they
  begin to think that whatever they do really doesn’t matter because they
  have no control over the outcome.
  But a resilient child knows that they have internal control.

  They learn that their own choices and actions, help to determine their
  results. They learn that what they do makes a difference, which further
  develops their feelings of competence, confidence & resilience.
  Young people who learn responsibility will learn to make wise choices
  and feel a sense of control over their lives & they therefore become
  more resilient.
  To foster this sense of being able to control, here are some things to

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