Page 16 - 9 Key C's
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Feeling that we connect, that we are capable, that we count and that
   we have courage will go a long way to enhance a positive attitude

   about life and give it meaning & purpose.

   By embracing these very simple principles you will transform your
   parenting & become better at understanding the goals behind your
   child’s behaviour & their needs, because these simple principles will
   empower you with better ways to raise a happy, confident, resilient
   child with strong self-esteem & good mental health.

   If we ensure that our children feel connected, capable, courageous
   and that they count as valuable human beings, they will take life on
   and make it work for them.

   They will develop a ‘Can Do Kid’ mindset & they will have the ability
   to handle whatever life throws at them.

   They will have a positive mental attitude and good mental health.

   Kids who are brought up with the 9 Key ‘C’s become:

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