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Starting Secondary School
  Becoming a teenager is a challenging
  time – it a time of confusion &
  uncertainty as your teen feels
  precariously posed between child-
  hood and adulthood.

  That’s why it’s a constant feeling of
  three steps forward and five steps
  back at times.

  There’s the struggle for independence, peer pressure, understanding
  their sexuality, being surrounded by so many dilemmas from
  recreational drug taking to gaming to online porn to the desire to fit in
  and not stand out and be different. It’s a tough time and they need
  courage to navigate the choppy waters of the teenage years.

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  Navigating The Choppy Waters Of The Teenage Years – The
  Blueprint For Parents Of Teens


  Teens who don’t have courage blend into the background in school,
  afraid to put their hand up in class, join the Netball Club, take up
  Taekwondo, learn to play basketball or tap dance. They’ll find it hard
  to resist the pressure to drink alcohol, take drugs, or join in with
  unhealthy choices as they won’t be brave enough to say ‘No.’

  A child who is encouraged to be courageous feels the fear and does it

  anyway, they feel equal, confident, hopeful and brave to try. They face
  challenges and become resilient and they can stand alone if they have
  to. They believe that they can handle whatever life throws at them.
  Whereas a child who lacks courage can’t get over their fear, it controls
  them and they feel defeated, hopeless, discouraged and inferior. They
  want to blend in and may not resist the crowd.
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