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TCMS Journal                                                         May • June 2023   VOLUME 69 • NUMBER 3

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                                      President’s Message: Bluebonnets, the Spirit of Texas
                                      Jonathan MacClements, MD


                                      TCMS Events: 2023 TCMS/TCMA Installation

                  About the cover:    13
               TCMS physician members
               demonstrate how science   TCMS Members Demonstrate the
               and art complement each   Symbiosis Between Art and Science
              other with their remarkable   Leanne DuPay
                talent as visual artists.


                                      TCMS Recognizes 100% Membership Groups

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                                                                                       Gilbert Joseph Custer, Jr., MD

                                                                                         Thomas Liebermann, MD

                                                                                      Byron E. Wilkenfeld, MD, PhD

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