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                                   the President

                               Bluebonnets, the Spirit of Texas

                very year the magnificent sight
                of bluebonnets blooming
        Ealong our paths inspires
        optimism and hope. Within a short
        period of time, Texas wildflowers                                                                             Photo credit: Dr. David Fleeger
        transform the landscape into a rolling
        sea of bright colors. The appearance
        of our Texas state flower signals the
        end of winter and a new season of
        growth and opportunity. Families
        venture outside to enjoy the mild     practice concerns to maternal and    harvest for the benefit of Central
        temperatures, blissfully forgetting   child health and more. Central Texas   Texas patients.
        that the heat of summer is looming.   politicians welcomed the insight         May is Mental Health Awareness
        Folk stories are shared about the     and expressed their gratitude for the   Month and an opportune time for
        flower’s history, and most seem to    real-world examples of how certain   us to remember that, as physicians,
        agree that the bluebonnet flower’s    bills could impact our practices, our   we must first take care of ourselves,
        spiritual meaning is one of bravery   patients, and their constituents. It was  our families, and our staff, so that
        and sacrifice. The flower has become  also wonderful to see our resident   we can ultimately take better care
        a symbol of the spirit of Texas and   and student colleagues (the future   of our patients. As we emerge from
        its people.                           of our profession!) engage with the   the COVID pandemic, it is readily
            It is fitting that the Texas      issues and share their perspectives.   apparent that as a community, we
        Legislature is in session as the state      And we weren’t alone. We were   continue to struggle with the various
        flower blooms and germinates. I       accompanied by Travis County         emotional phases of a disaster that
        recently attended a “First Tuesdays   Medical Alliance members, some       has impacted health care workers and
        at the Capitol” session with TCMS     with expertise in governmental       hospital employees on the front lines.
        colleagues and was delighted and      affairs, who provided valuable       These emotional phases
        impressed to see how diligently       coaching and perspectives on         include the: Pre-disaster phase,
        medicine’s concerns were being        educating legislators. Who knew that   Impact phase, Heroic phase,
        represented to our legislators. It    not everyone outside of medicine     Honeymoon phase, Disillusionment
        certainly took commitment and some  was familiar with medical jargon like   phase, and finally the Reconstruction
        bravery for physicians to tackle      PCP, preauthorization, and GME?      phase. Many experts believe that
        crucial conversations and share       But now, looking back on the sowing,  we are still working through the
        examples from their personal          watering, and even weeding that we   penultimate phase of Disillusionment
        experiences to educate elected        did this legislative session, we can   and are not yet in the Reconstruction/
        officials. A wide range of topics     see that many of our ideas landed on   Recovery phase. During this phase
        was openly discussed from scope of    fertile ground, resulting in a bountiful  of Disillusionment, we need to be

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