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Dr. Paul Tucker Knighted by the Equestrian Order

                                                      of  the Knights of  the Holy Sepulchre

                                        Dr. Paul Tucker and
                                    his wife Michelle were
          ceremonially named knight and dame of the Equestrian
          Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre while
          in Jerusalem in December. The order today is estimated
          to have some 30,000 knights and dames in 60
          Lieutenancies around the world, including monarchs,
          crown princes and their consorts, and heads of state
          from countries such as Spain, Belgium, Monaco,
          Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.
              The honor of knighthood and any subsequent
          promotions are conferred by the Holy See—the
          universal government of the Catholic Church which
          approves each person, in the name of and by the        Dr. Paul Tucker during the ceremony.
          authority of the pope. The candidate is then knighted
          or promoted in a solemn ceremony with a cardinal or
          major prelate presiding.

                                                                                             Dr. Paul Tucker and his wife Michelle.

                                                                    TCMS Member Physicians Head Up
                                                                          Austin FC Team Medicine.

                                                         Dr. Timothy Vachris was named Chief Medical Officer of the
                                                     Austin FC soccer team. Vachris is no stranger to team medicine having
                                                     been the team physician for McCallum High School since 2010 as well
                                                     as serving as the team physician for the University of Texas Athletics
                                                     Program from 2009-2014.
                                                         Dr. Douglas Elenz was named Chief Orthopedic Doctor. Elenz is
                                                     a sports medicine fellowship trained surgeon who also works as Team
                                                     Orthopedic Surgeon for the University of Texas Athletics Program.
                                                     Elenz’s past experience includes team physician roles with the Chicago
                                                     Cubs (MLB) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) as well as working with
                                                     Olympic medalists.
                                                         “Our players are privileged to receive exceptional medical care
                                                     from St. David’s HealthCare team, which plays an integral role in our
                                                     preparations and ongoing work for our first official MLS preseason,”
                                                     said Claudio Reyna, Austin FC Sporting Director.

                        Drs. Douglas Elenz and
                      Timothy Vachris on the field.
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