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The “Angle of Repose”

             Business Interruption and Continuity Losses from Cyberattacks

           John Southrey, Cyberinsurance/Cybersecurity Consultant
          I                                    lost and how quickly operations can be   making it inaccessible. Phishing/social
             have been smitten with the Grand
                                               restored. Practices who cannot restore
             Canyon of Arizona since 1979 and
                                                                                     engineering/business email compromise
             have backpacked into this park
                                               do not maintain contemporaneous or
                                                                                     malicious websites designed to exploit
          nearly forty times. During one of my   their data in a timely manner and who   scams—using phony emails and
          remote off-trail hikes, I recall navigating   real-time data backups will typically    human nature—are key attack vectors,
          down a steep ravine to a perilous scree   have a more extensive business    and unsuspecting employees are
          slope and then scrambling down it    interruption loss.                    considered the weakest cybersecurity
          carefully because it seemed above the      The financial impact of a data   link. Unfortunately, many cyber breaches
          angle of repose .                    breach creates both direct and indirect   occur due to human error.
              What does my Grand Canyon        costs. The direct costs can include       Today’s virtual work environment
          experience have to do with health care,   expenses for legal fees; patient and   and its reliance on mobile devices
          you ask? As a professional commercial   media notifications; forensics and data   connected to company networks, as well
          and cyber insurance consultant for many   restoration; public relations; credit   as widespread reliance on third-party
          years, my story is analogous to the    monitoring services; call center support;   vendors for data processing tasks, has
          health care provider’s angle of repose   and regulatory fines and penalties. The   increased the ingress and egress for a
          with respect to navigating business    indirect costs can include the loss of    business interruption loss. For example:
          interruption and business continuity/  income; loss of patient goodwill and      • A malicious hacker exploits
          reputational losses from malicious    business reputation; and additional    weaknesses in a medical practices’
          cyberattacks. A simple cybersecurity   expenses to mitigate the interruption    computer system and disables all access
          misstep can result in a precipitous    in operations.                      to the physician’s ePHI and accounting
          interruption, as restoring damaged or      At some point, the financial angle   systems, resulting in downtime and a loss
          lost data can impair business operations   of repose from a business interruption    of revenue.
          for hours, days, or even weeks.      flattens and begins to return to its       • An employee negligently
              The loss of data processing      pre-loss levels, as shown in the      downloads malware, which moves
          capabilities for a medical practice is   graphic below.                    throughout the physician’s network
          often a disaster recovery scenario    Cyberattack Examples                 accessing databases and exfiltrating ePHI
          requiring an immediate response to       Cyberattacks are global threats that   without detection. The cyberattack
          restore systems and data to continue   come from multiple sources and can be   compromises 10,000+ patient records
          operations and minimize the financial    centered on business interruption losses.   and, unfortunately, the last full backup
          impact. Today’s digitally dependent   A common attack scheme is to infect a   was done over three weeks ago. The
          healthcare system requires unimpeded   computer system with ransomware     practice must suspend operations to
          access to electronic protected health    (malware) to encrypt the database    restore the data.
          information (ePHI), and physicians
          should be prepared to protect their
          operations against cyber threats.
              Cyber criminals target physician
          practices because most cannot sustain
          a lengthy interruption. They know
          health care, as an industry, is vulnerable
          to cyber threats because the sensitive
          information they own may be stored in
          outdated computer systems or legacy
          software. Also, their workforce may lack
          data security training and maintain weak
          or shared passwords.
          Calculating a Business
          Interruption Loss
              Calculating the financial impact of a
          business interruption from a cyberattack
          is based, in part, on the size of the data                                                     Continued on page 17

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