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TCMS Member Dr. Claire Hebner Opens

                                            Lirios, a Free Pediatric Clinic

              “I’m 50 years old. What do I want to do with my        Funding for the clinic’s expenses is provided through
          life?” was the thought that began Dr. Hebner’s journey   grants, individual donations, and family foundations.
          toward opening a free pediatric clinic in Austin. For the   Supplies have been donated by ARC, national health
          past 20 years, she has worked as a pediatrician and as   organizations, and ARA Diagnostic Imaging. “We’ve had
          much as she loved it, she felt the need to make an even   a lot of help,” Hebner acknowledges. “It’s been amazing.”
          bigger difference in her community. Knowing that Texas   Lirios uses volunteers from UT to do some non-medical
          has the worst uninsured rates for                                            work for the clinic. “In five years, I
          children in the US, the need for                                             hope we won’t have to worry—
          affordable pediatric medical care                                            that we won’t be searching for
          was obvious.                                                                 funds anymore.”
              Lirios Pediatrics opened                                                       Lirios provides children under
          November 28 on South Congress                                                18 years of age with free doctor
          near Ben White. “We’re pretty                                                visits, vaccinations, medication,
          much full every day,” Hebner says.                                           and X-rays.
          “It’s had a huge impact. We’re                                                     “I’m so fulfilled and excited
          keeping kids in school and out of                                            about this,” Dr. Hebner says smiling.
          the ER.” There are only three staff
          members—Hebner, an executive                                                   To donate to Lirios Pediatrics,
          director, and a medical assistant.                                              visit

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