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                                   the President


            f you ever want to expand your    from challenging to overwhelming.    healthcare system.
            horizons, climb Emory Peak in        These include everything from         This year our TMA Council on
        IBig Bend National Park. The          medically unnecessary prior          Legislation has established ten priorities
        journey alone from Austin to the      authorization for insurance          for the 2023 legislative session:
        southwest of Texas will inspire awe.   companies to political interference       1. Scope of Practice/GME
        Once you’ve caught your breath from  in the patient/physician relationship          Funding
        the steep ascent and eased the        and more. When I find myself             2. Women’s Reproductive Health
        backpack off your aching shoulders,   putting one foot in front of the other     3. Medicaid Rate Increases
        the view will blow your mind! It’s a   just trying to do right by my patients,      4. Enhanced Coverage for
        truly magnificent sight overlooking   these challenges can feel like being             Women and Children on
        the ancient volcanically formed       trapped with no relief in sight. That’s         Medicaid
        Chisos Basin, and on a clear day you   precisely when I need to expand my      5. Protection of Tort Reform
        can see the Chihuahuan Desert and     horizon, join with my colleagues, and     6. Physician Autonomy/
        the entire Chisos Mountain Range.     climb that mountain together.                  Corporate Practice Protections
        Our state is huge!  Breathtaking as      This is also where organized          7. Prior Authorization
        it is, while the horizon you can see   medicine is so effective. The Travis      8. Protect Vaccine Laws/
        from 7,825’ elevation may seem        County Medical Society, working                Modernization of ImmTrac
        like infinitude, you still know it    together with the Texas Medical          9. Network Adequacy and
        represents only a sliver of the enormity  Association, ensures that all of us             Protecting the Texas Surprise
        of Texas.                             have a voice as advocates for our              Billing Law
            Texas is as diverse as it is large   patients. We may have different        10. Regulation and Taxing
        and not just geographically and       political and cultural leanings, but             E-Cigarettes
        geologically. Our state is also diverse   when we come together, it becomes      At a recent evening reception for
        economically, socially, culturally,   readily apparent that we are all     local legislators sponsored by TCMS
        and racially. While this diversity is   passionate about providing the     and the Alliance, our members
        educationally enriching, it can also   highest level of ethical care.      had the opportunity to share their
        make providing equitable health care      In a recent TCMS Business of     thoughts and provide examples of
        challenging. As physicians, our north   Medicine webinar, we heard from our  how each of these priorities impact
        star is our oath. Our commitment is   TMA colleagues about how much the  patient care. I was encouraged by
        to provide quality health care        Legislature respects and values our   how engaged the legislators were
        to all our patients equally and       opinions as physicians, knowledgeable  and by their thoughtful questions.
        equitably. But the external limitations   experts on the health care needs of   For example, they were sensitive to
        and non-medical requirements          our patients and their constituents.   the very real burnout our profession
        imposed on physicians and on our      We represent a trusted resource that   has experienced and were open to
        healthcare delivery system are        both witnesses and experiences       ideas on how to improve our work
        frustrating and can easily morph      the best and the worst of our        environment. They seemed generally

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