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supportive of medicine’s legislative
          priorities. Importantly, they encouraged
          us to continue to keep them and
          their policy aides informed during
          the busy legislative session.
              This presents us an opportunity
          to expand our horizon as physicians.                                               Board of  Ethics
          Rather than feeling immobilized                                                    Michael Romain, MD, Chair
                                                                                             Kimberly Carter, MD
          and trapped by the frustrations and       Executive Board                          Aileen Ebadat, MD
          challenges of daily practice, we can      Jonathan E. MacClements, MD  – President  Jeffrey D. McNeil, MD
                                                    Tina J. Philip, DO  – President-Elect
          look up and act by coming together        Scott W. Clitheroe, MD  – Immediate Past President  Brian Metzger, MD
                                                                                             Stanley S. Wang, MD, JD, MPH
          at First Tuesdays at the Capitol to       Hillary Miller, MD – Secretary-Treasurer
          make our voices heard. There are          Alinda Cox, MD, Member-at-Large         TMA Secretary/Treasurer
                                                    Maria Claire Monge, MD, Member-at-Large
          no guarantees in life, much less the      Holli Sadler, MD, Member-at-Large       Michelle A. Berger, MD
          Texas Legislature, but ultimately,        Ricardo Solis, MD, Member-at-Large      Delegate to AMA
                                                    J. Stuart Wolf, Jr., MD, Member-at-Large
          your input is truly respected and that    Belda Zamora, MD, Member-at-Large       Michelle A. Berger, MD
          is what gives us a fighting chance.       Michael Romain, MD, Chair, Board of Ethics  Alternate Delegate to AMA
                                                    Esther Cheung-Phillips, MD, Delegation Representative
              I encourage us all to keep our                                                Kimberly Avila Edwards, MD
          eyes on the horizon.                                                              Robert Emmick, MD

                                                      Delegates to TMA                   Alternate Delegates to TMA
                                                      Alex Alvarez, MD                   Shannon Abikhaled, MD
                                                      Tony Aventa, MD – Chair            Maneesh Amancharla, MD
                                                      Kimberly Avila Edwards, MD         Sarah Avery, MD
                                                      Ira Bell, MD                       Nabanita Basu, MD
          Jonathan MacClements, MD                    Michelle Berger, MD – Vice Chair   Nancy Binford, MD
                                                                                         Anna Buteau, MD
                                                      Maya Bledsoe, MD
          TCMS President                              Esther Cheung-Phillips, MD – Board Rep  Kimberly Carter, MD
                          Scott Clitheroe, MD                Goddy Corpuz, MD
                                                      Rob Cowan, MD                      Lauren Crawford, MD
                                                      Antonia Davidson, MD               Chad Dieterichs, MD
                                                      Robert Emmick, MD                  Debra Dollar, MD
                                                      James Eskew, MD                    Susan Dubois, MD
                                                      Colby Evans, MD                    Kristen Hawthorne, MD
                                                      Katharina Hathaway, MD             Anupama Kapadia, MD
                                                      Andy Joshi, MD                     Alison Kartush, MD
                                                      Jeffrey Kahn, MD                   Judy Kim, MD
                                                      Thomas Kim, MD                     Sunil Kolli, MD
                                                      Megan Kressin, MD                  Sonia Krishna, MD
                                                      Craig Kuhns, MD                    Pradeep Kumar, MD
                                                      Paraag Kumar, MD                   Carlos-Nicholas Nick Lee
                                                      Daniel Leeman, MD                  Steven McKinley, MD
                                                      Jonathan MacClements, MD           Maria Monge, MD
                                                      Hillary Miller, MD                 Damodaran Narayanan, MD
                  2023 TCMS President,                Celia Neavel, MD                   Hemali Patel, MD
                                                                                         Tina Philip, DO
             Dr. Jonathan MacClements                 Michelle Owens, DO                 Elisabeth Potter, MD
                                                      Jack Pierce, MD
                   and TCMA President,                Fara Ranjbaran, MD                 Pooja Pundhir, MD
                                                                                         Roxanna Rhodes, MD
                                                      Dora Salazar, MD
                   Christi Dammert                    Sarah Smiley, DO                   Mary Ann Rodriguez, MD
                                                      Lynn Stewart, MD                   Holli Sadler, MD
                Friday, March 24, 2023                Brian Temple, MD                   Garrett Scales, MD
                                                                                         Alan Schalscha, DO
                                                      David Tobey, MD
                    Austin Central Library            Zoltan Trizna, MD, PhD             Arathi Shah, MD
              Reception 6:30 PM | Dinner 7:30 PM      Elizabeth Troung, MD               Shaina Sheppard, MD
                                                      Stephanie Vertrees, MD             Ricardo Solis, MD
                                                      John Villacis, MD                  Deepa Varshney, MD
                                                      Stanley Wang, MD                   Daniel Walk, MD
                            Join us                   Belda Zamora, MD                   Chad Whited, MD
                                                                                         Stuart Wolf, MD
                                                      Guadalupe “Pete” Zamora, MD
                          Scan to RSVP                Jay Zdunek, MD

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