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Legislative Outreach Activities

             Legislators were invited to a meet and greet reception hosted by TCMS and TCMA leadership.

             Recently Dr. Stuart Wolf, TCMS Medical Legislation Committee Chair, has been providing tours
             of Dell Medical School for legislators and their staff.

              Reps. Lulu Flores and Donna Howard            Dr. Minas Constantinides, Dr. Rob Cowan, Rep. Ellen Troxclair,
                     with Dr. Stuart Wolf                            Dr. Chad Whited, and Dr. Tony Aventa

               Drs. Simran Sedani, Tina Philip, and Lindsay Young, with Reps. Lulu Flores    Ike Okoye, Health Policy Advisor for Sen. Donna
                                                                                  Campbell, MD, and Dr. Jonathan MacClements
                                     and James Talarico

           Alliance member Julie Cowan, Rep. Gina Hinojosa, Dr. Tina Philip, Rep. Vikki
                        Goodwin, and TMA lobbyist Michelle Romero                  Dr. Stuart Wolf  and Rep. John Bucy
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