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                                     Vol. 66          November/December 2018                 No. 6


                                           Paul Thompson, President            Mike Davis, 4th VP
                                           West Rusk ISD PD                    Shavanno Park PD

                                           Dwight Mathis, 1st VP               Ben Urbanczyk, 5th VP
                                           Texas DPS                           Texas DPS
          Founded March 6, 1895
                                           Greg Minton, 2nd VP                 Michael Bradberry, Sergeant at Arms
                                           Leander PD                          Texas DPS
    Texas Police Association offices:                                          TPA General Counsel
                                           Danny Barton, 3rd VP
    314 East Highland Mall Blvd., Suite 402  Coppell PD                        Joe Tooley
    Austin, Texas 78752
    Tel. (512) 458-3140
                                                                  Board Appointment:
    Fax (512) 458-1799
    P. O. Box 4247, Austin, Texas 78765    Region 1                           Audit Committee

                                       Jack Lanier, New London PD Reserve     Keith Fletcher – ChairGregg Co DA Office
    Editorial/Publication offices:     Scott Lewis, GM, City of Longview Transit  Sam Garrison, Texas Woman’s Univ DPS E.
    Same as above.                     Clifford Fausset, Texas Woman's Univ DPS  C. “Joey” Sherman, TPA (retired)
                                                                              Paul Thompson. West Rusk ISD PD
                                       Region 2
                                       Solomon Cook, Humble ISD PD            Annual Conference Committee
    Editor                             Gary Duncan, Lamar Univ Retired        Paul Thompson , Chief West Rusk ISD
    Erwin Ballarta                     Robbie Sells
                                                                              Legislative Committee
                                       Region 3                               David Baker, Texas DPS
    Associate Editor                   Vacant
                                                                              Marketing and Membership
    Ramona Krieg                       Region 4                               Danny Barton, Chief Coppell PD
                                       Vacant                                 Ben Urbanczyk, Major DPS
    Legal Digest Editor                                                       Nominating Committee
                                       Region 5                               Sam Garrison, Texas Woman’s Univ DPS,
    Joe Tooley                         Wade Ford, Texas DPS Retired
                                                                              Chair and Past Presidents

    This publication assumes no responsibility  Region 6                      Publications and Journal
                                                                              Keith Fletcher – Chair
    for statements made by contributors in
                                       Bob Christy, AACOG Retired             Joe Tooley
    signed articles.  Texas Police Journal is not  James DeBrow, III, Texas DPS Retired
    operated for pecuniary gain.       Thomas Prado, Bell County Constable    Resolutions
                                                                              R. V. Stephens, Prairie View A & M PD,
    Articles in this magazine may be reprinted  Region 7                      Retired
    provided due credit is given to the                                       Social Medial
    Texas Police Journal.              Chaplain                               Greg Minton, Chief Leander PD

                                       Rick Adams
                                                                              Technology Committee
                                                                              Erwin Ballarta, TPA/DPS, Retired
                                                                              Training Committee
                                                                              Dwight Mathis, Chair
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