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The purpose of TPA is to make Texas communities safer and more economically viable.  A
        purpose simply states, why an Association exists. We accomplish our purpose by training and
        educating police officers. In addition, we train and educate businesses and the public to complete
        our purpose. The authority that police officers have been entrusted with, is also the glue, to the
        system of government that allows for the Constitution to remain true in our neighborhoods and
        communities. In the center, somewhere on every badge is the name of the community that gave
        that officer the authority to protect them. Many people support their officers and appreciate their

        When considering our "why", I offer a couple of questions.  Why is it important to train and
        educate police officers?   Why is it important to educate the public?  Because It makes our
        communities SAFER!!   When our communities are safer, people buy homes and send their
        children to school.  When our communities are safer, businesses move in and created viable
        employment for residents.   When our communities are safer, families can use parks.
        Sequentially, they can walk or drive on their streets without fear of violence.  Additionally, the
        economic viability is based on people wanting to live, play, and raise a family in your
        communities. Spend money in your communities. Build businesses and employ people in your
        communities. People want to live in communities where they feel safe. When our communities
        are safer our police are safer.  When our police are safer they’re healthier, live longer and
        contribute more with their calling. Therefore, Texas Police Association’s “why” is to educate and
        train officers and the public to make Texas communities safer and more economically viable.

        Dr. Paul Thompson
        TPA 2018 – 2019 President

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