Page 8 - TPA Journal November-December 2018
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                           On November 30, 2018,Coppell
                           Police Department Chief Mac
                           Tristan officially retired after 35+
                           years of law enforcement
                           experience. Chief Tristan has
                           been a member of TPA since
                           2005 and immediately began
                           serving the Association as
                           Region 1 Director.
        He rose through the Officers of the Executive Committee and served as
        President of the Association from June 2013 to May 2014.  He continues to

        serve as a member of the Executive Committee as a Past President.  His
        passion for teaching others “Servant Leadership” has made him known world-
        wide.  Join us in congratulating him on a “service well done”!

           Join us in congratulating Danny Barton (TPA 3rd VP) as he was promoted to
           Chief of Police of the Coppell Police Department on Monday, December 3rd.

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