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Addressing Biases in Multicultural & Inclusive Identity Data

              Race/Ethnic Assignments: Accuracy Rates

                                          Truthset Hashed Emails: Percentage   90%
                Segment                    of Accurate Assignment of Race/
                                              Ethnicity vs. Validation Sets  80%
                African-American                       64%                   60%
                Asian-American                         68%                   40%

                Hispanic                               76%
                White (including Hispanic)             90%                   10%

                                                                                   AFRICAN  ASIAN  HISPANIC  WHITE
                                                                                   AMERICAN  AMERICAN    (INCLUDING
              Source: AIMM-Truthset Q3 2020 Results.                                                     HISPANIC)

              We wanted to compare Truthset’s accuracy rates with Nielsen’s while acknowledging that the validation data
              sources, match keys (i.e., physical addresses vs. email address), and data vendor segments were very different.
              But taken together, the two studies provide insights into the current state of accuracy in multicultural
              identity data.

              Two Independent Studies Provide Insights into the
              Current State of Accuracy in Multicultural Identity Data in 2020

                 Segment                                 Truthset                         Nielsen
                                                Accuracy vs. Validation Data    Accuracy vs. Validation Data

                 African-American                          64%                              67%

                 Asian-American                            68%                              71%

                 Hispanic                                   76%                             73%

                 White/White Non-Hispanic                  90%                              89%

              Source: AIMM-Truthset Q3 2020 Results, Nielsen third-party data validation studies from 2011–18.
              Nielsen datasets used to measure coverage and accuracy rates vary by study.

              When we put together Truthset’s Coverage and Accuracy ratings, we get a true sense of the “visible” and
              accurate multicultural consumers available for targeting and marketing. We think these are the important
              numbers to continue tracking in the future. This is the size of the pool of accurately identified multicultural
              consumers in online third-party datasets today.
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