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Kings & Queens                                                                      Volume V11, No. 2

                                         GAT CONFERENCE:

                                    GOING THE DISTANCE!

                      WHAT A REWARDING EXPERIENCE!

                                       GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP TEAM

                                   “RECRUIT!!   RECRUIT!!   RECRUIT!!

                                                                                   *    A video that depicts the history of Li-
            PDG Pauline C. Francis, Coordinator   .Assign new member to working  committee,   ons Clubs International was shown.
                                             based on interest and skills.
                 1  VDG Anthony Cochran      *       Participate in AC Meetings to collab-  RETENTION STRATEGIES
                   Lion Pablo Romano                 orate with other clubs.       ~   With dedicated intention, every club
                   Lion Lavern Harrison
                Lion Jeanette Forde - Curwen                                       shall remain healthy and functional.
                    Lion Joyce Shorey        CLUB REVITALIZATION:                                  ~     Membership satisfaction index re-
                   Lion Beatriz Fabregas     Self-Assessment -- Ask The Questions?              mains high
                  Lion Rayboyd Stennett                                            ~     Ample opportunities for meaningful
                                                                                   community service and fellowship.
                 Lion Mangal Das Shrestha       Are club meetings all they can be?
                                                Does meetings Invite participation of all   ~      Club remains efficient, effective and
          Membership Status:   1,975 members in 77   Lions?                        productive within the community.
          clubs ( on 10/10/20 )                                                    ~      Lionism is respected and highly visi-
                                             KEYS TO A SUCCESS                                 ble within the community.
          NOTE.   New member entrance fees of $35      Start and end meetings on time                     ~      Make sure new members, as well as
          waived now through December 31, 2020,  by                                present members feel welcome
          LCI, due to Covid 19  Pandemic.       Have an Agenda                    ~      Encourage them in all activities
                                                Minutes & treasurer’s report          ~      Retain 100% of your membership
                                                Feature meaningful or interesting activities          SPECIALTY CLUBS PROGRAM
          GOALS OF GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP             Add variety, (informative or entertaining)
          TEAM:                                                                   -    The Specialty Clubs Program was
          ~      Motivate clubs to recruit at least 2   Mentors to new members)          launched in August 2017and was designed
                 new members.                   Your Club, Your Way               to create clubs in which members share a
          ~      Retain 100% current membership                                    common interest or passion.
          ~      Charter 4 new clubs in District 20-                               -       It focuses on organizing clubs around
                 K1                          NEW VOICES                            a special description or characteristics that
          ~      Establish 3-person Membership   ~      An initiative from LCI that promotes trans-  binds its members together.,
                 Committee in each club      parency from every constituent within the com-  -      Specialty clubs are chartered in the
          ~      Train Membership Chair (outgoing   munity.                        same way as traditionally organized clubs
                 Chair remains as Advisor)   ~      Creating a network of “New Voices” that is
                                             inclusive and promotes recognition and appreci-
          RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CLUB       ation of diversity.                   **GMT members are  available to be
          MEMBERSHIP CHAIR                   ~      Building confidence, welcoming and shar-  Guest Speakers at your club meetings!
                                             ing new ideas and creating network of relevant
          *      Recruit new members to build strong  service opportunities that respond to the relevant
                 club foundation, and impact commu-  needs in changing communities.
                 nity  with authentic service.
          *      Promote LCI as the most prestigious  ORIENTATION FOR NEW LIONS / RE-
                 service organization, worldwide.   FRESHER FOR SEASONED LIONS
          *      Develop Action Plan for club growth  *      Clearly defined responsibilities as an en-
                 and conduct 2 Membership Growth   gaged Lion, and as a club member, with respon-
                 events before June 30, 2021.   sibilities to District,   Multiple District and Lions
          *      Encourage community involvement   Clubs International.
                 as recruitment targets from other   *      Explain Lion’s “Code of Ethics” and pur-
                 civic groups, local elected officials,   pose, “to serve humanity, and especially impact
                 churches, schools, veterans, recent   the lives of the less   fortunate”
                 retirees and young  adults.   *      Overview of club’s history and humanitari-
          *      Invite local media to provide covera  an service projects.
                 ge and publicity of service events.   *     Focus on development of leadership oppor-
          *      Conduct effective club orientation   tunities, strengthening support for world peace
                 for new members, emphasizing link  initiatives and understanding among neighbors
                 age between club, community, Dis  and world peoples.
                 trict, Multiple District and Lions
                 Clubs International.
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