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Kings & Queens                                                                       Volume V11, No. 2

                                          NAMI by PDG Jackie Williams



                                               The first question you should ask yourself is,”   and we invited 1,928 LIONS to get on
                                              what is LCI hoping to achieve?”      board this train.  From there, we have moved
            WHAT IS ALL OF THIS “TO DO”       Well, the short answer is:           on to start building the work of our team….
                                               1)    LCI is expecting all of our        districts to   In terms of that part of the process, we had a
                   ABOUT NAMI –               increase membership through new clubs.   group led by VDG Anthony already do a
            WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR           2)    LCI is expecting us to increase membership   SWOT analysis whereby the group looked at
                                                                                   the strengths, the weaknesses, the
                                              in existing clubs.                   opportunities and the threats that our District
                      DISTRICT?                3)     LCI is expecting our districts to strengthen   may see in the short future.  Thank you to
            WHY ARE WE BEING ASKED TO         our presence and impact through our service    the SWOT TEAM!!! Our report will be
                                              agenda.                              sent to LCI.  We have also met with the
                    TAKE A TRAIN?              4)      LCI very much expects us to enhance and  Region Chairs so that they can put a plan
                                              strengthen member satisfaction for existing    in place for communication and awareness
         Fellow Lions this is a big headline in the district   LIONS by engaging our LIONS in continued   with all of the clubs in the district.  As we
                                                                                   move into our Station #3 – “YOUR LION’S
         and you are right to be asking these questions…   leadership development and by recognizing  and   EXPERIENCE”, WE need you to take a
         What is NAMI?                        acknowledging the contributions of our everyday   critical look at the experiences you are
          What makes it different from MERL, from   LION HEROES.                   having as a LION… WE need you to bring
         MERLO, from GLT AND GMT, from GAT?                                        those reflections to the DISTRICT WIDE
                                              *   So, how do we get to these grand goals?    BUILD A VISION MEETING ON
                                                                                   NOVEMBER 8, 2020.
         Very briefly, LIONS, the NAMI PROCESS is a   *    With what tools?   And who is going to be
         new initiative aimed at reversing a long trend of   responsible for getting us there?      As they say in our current times, “Every
         declining membership across North America and                             point of view counts and we Need to count
         Canada.  It is more than the MERL program and   Well, Lions that should be your second, third   every point of view!”
         yet it will be important to the continued effec-  and fourth questions.
         tiveness of GAT.  It is a PROCESS that every
         LION in our district is being asked to “Join”.    This is where the District NAMI TRAIN comes   So please put the date on your calendar!!!
         The PROCESS requires us as a     District to   in!                        Please make sure you register when the in-
         decided to participate or      “OPT-IN”… It then                          formation comes out for the meeting!
         requires us to build a team… We are 1975 team   MY FELLOW LIONS, --        And please ask your club officers to set up
         members strong as of this writing… It then                                time in your club meetings to discuss this
         requires us to review and to create a VISION for   WE ARE GOING TO BE TRAVELING FROM   new PROCESS.
         what we see as our District now and in the   NOW UNTIL JUNE 30 ON THE NAMI 20-K1    As I close, I wish you well. I hope that you
         future… and then We need to take our District   MAKING LOCAL AND EXPRESS STOPS   have downloaded the NAMI PERSONAL
         specific data, our team and our VISION into a   WITH OUR FINAL DESTINATION AT THE   QUESTIONNAIRE SENT TO YOU ON
         process of BUILDING A PLAN for our District   STATION NAMED “DISTRICT 20-K1 –   OCTOBER 10 and I HOPE THAT YOU
                                              HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE FOR
         membership and finally it requires us to   YEARS TO COME”                 HAVE PUT IT SOMEWHERE VISIBLE
         EXECUTE the PLAN for SUCCESS!!!                                           FOR your ongoing reflections!!!

          Even on the fastest express train WE could not   We set out on this Journey from Station #1 or   Yours in Service,
         do that in one year… NO WAY!!! WE want to   what we would call our July 1, Membership
         build  and  Execute  for  Success!!!     Therefore,   Data – with our status quo at that time.  We    Jackie Williams

         we  will  be  engaged  for  the  next  4  years  at  the   have moved forward with our Train Engineer,   PDG, DISTRICT 20-K1 NAMI
         least in the NAMI PROCESS… ARE YOU ON   the head of District 20-K1, DG Jacqueline   CHAMPION
         BOARD!!!                             Phillips
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