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Kings & Queens              Kings & Queens                                           Volume V11, No. 2

           1st. VDG Anthony’s Message                                2nd VDG Ingrid’s Message

           Greetings, Lions and Leos.                              My Fellow Lions and Leos,

           We  are  well  into  the  Lionistic  year               As we continue to serve with kind-
           and  growing  through  unity,  training                 ness through diversity let us do so
           and service on our Lionistic journey.                   safely and within the health guide-
           We are continuing to search for new                     lines. This new norm forces us out
           service opportunities and enhance our                   of our comfort zone and in some
           support  for our  communities.  To  our                 instances,  redefines our approach
           credit, though slowed a bit, our activi-                to serving others.  But our purpose
           ties  have  not  been  stopped  by  the                 must remain the same. Our services
           limitations imposed by Covid - 19.                      are needed now more than ever
                                                                   because this pandemic has threatened the economic existence
           During this time in our journey, let us
           probe for opportunities to continue to                  of many residents in our city. We need to care and share in
                                                                   this harvest season.
           advance club growth and member development. We know that
           club membership growth will help our continued success, by     Let us remember why we joined the world’s largest service
           providing  additional  manpower  and  resources  to  get  the  job
           done.  We  know  that  member  development  includes  training   organization and continue to embrace the challenges we face
                                                                   along the way. If we see the challenges as obstacles, then the
           our current officers and providing club / service activities for   challenges become problems. Let us view them as new op-
           inclusive  participation,  especially  by  new  members.    “More   portunities and as stepping stones to greater possibilities that
           hands make light work.” Clubs should also continue to provide   were never on our radar! We need to draw on “tried-and-
           thorough  orientation  and  mentoring  for  their  new  members.   tested” experiences and hold onto what works.  We should
           More  senior  members  can  also  benefit  from  re-orientation   introduce new thinking and approaches where feasible and
                                                                   discontinue those that are currently not relevant.
           To support continued positive membership stability, I encour-
           age  clubs to present  meaningful, interesting projects that  are   We have a kaleidoscope of Lions, different in so many ways
           informational, entertaining and add to members’ satisfaction.   like this season of autumn with its various shades of color.
                                                                   Some may choose to see diversity as an obstacle - dividing
           Ongoing  training  and options  for  leadership  are  also  vital  to   rather than unifying. We see diversity as a stepping-stone.
           club growth and the emergence of qualified leadership among   We focus on the individual’s strengths and use that energy
           new and senior members. I encourage you to expand your use   and aptitude within our clubs to improve the services we
           of  social  media  and  become  familiar  with  the  guidelines  of   provide to the community. We are so fortunate to have Lions
           proper protocol.                                        that enhance our vision with their special talents and skills
           I must remind you that your safety and wellbeing are as much   that they willingly and passionately contribute to projects.
           a priority as the community that we serve. Be mindful of the
           sanitation protocols as you selflessly answer the call to serve   Attitude in leadership is essential in facing the new norm
           those in need.  Let us recognize that we are blessed to be able   with the right mindset. As leaders we have to be forward
           to serve humanity with our resources of time and talents.   Let   thinking and be able to imagine what could be. We create a
           us continue to expand our vision for the future of District 20-  vision of a better future for our team by planting seeds of
           K1  by  driving  membership  growth  and  continuing  to  serve   hope. It is not enough to have a vision of the future.  You
           safely, with kindness, humility and love.               must inspire your team by building a good relationship, com-
                                                                   municating more with your Lions and having an open mind.
           Lions  are  strong  and  they  persevere.  Let’s  continue  on  the   Relationships and trust work both ways. Not only do you
           “Path to Excellence,” leading, serving and increasing visibility   want others to trust you, but you also need to trust others that
           in our communities.                                     they can get the task done. This will give you the confidence
                                                                   to empower your team towards a shared vision that is em-
                                                                   braced by all members.  The task will be successfully accom-
           Lion Anthony Cochran,                                   plished and everyone will benefit from the harvest.

           1  Vice District Governor                               The seasonal change of autumn teaches us that we must adapt
                                                                   to this new norm and embrace the beginning of a new order
                                                                   by probing diverse ways to serve with kindness, humility, and

                                                                   Lion Ingrid Andrews-Campbell, PMJF
                                                                   2  Vice District Governor
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