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Kings & Queens                                                                       Volume V11, No. 2

                         LIGHTS!  CAMERA!  ACTION!
                LET’S ROLL!                           LET’S ROAR!

                        IFVP DOUGLAS X. ALEXANDER


             The  Richmond  Hill-South  Ozone  Park  Lions  Club
           (RHSOPLC)  hosted  the  International  First  Vice-
           President Douglas X Alexander at the Impulse Lounge
           in Queens, NY.  IFVP Doug is on the final lap of his
           meetings and consultations in preparation for the pres-
           tigious office as President of Lions Clubs International
           (LCI).  LCI currently represents Lions Clubs in more
           than  two  hundred  countries  worldwide,  and  IFVP
           Doug is on track to be installed during the Internation-
           al Convention in Montreal, Canada, in June 2021.

           Born in Brooklyn and a Lion for more than 36 years,
           IFVP  Douglas  Alexander  worked  in  the  banking  in-
           dustry  while  building  a  strong  resume  in  LCI,  the
           world’s largest service organization. Today he stands
           on the threshold of creating history as the first African
           American  President  of  LCI  in  its  104-year  history.
           RHSOPLC members proudly hold him up as a great
           example  of  leadership,  humility  and  service  in
           Lionism!   We are proud to join him in celebrating his
           achievements as a Lion.

           In  his  remarks,  he  shared  memories  of  his  36  year
           journey as a Lion, serving in several different offices.
           We  were  honored  to  have  him  induct  Lions  Bihari
           Lall,  Tejkoomar  (Ravo)  Persaud  and  Stacey
           Mohamed.  Several  Lions  offered  tributes  to  IFVP
           Doug’s  trail  blazing  contributions  to  Lionism,  espe-
           cially to our home District 20-K1.

           To  help  defray  the  cost  of  campaign  expenses,  club
           members contributed a donation of $5.000 which was
           presented by Lion Romeo Hitlall (President),

           Submitted by,
           Lion Romeo Hitlall
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