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Kings & Queens                                                                      Volume V11, No. 2

                                  VOICES FROM THE FIELD

          ZC VICTORIA FUNG                    .ZC JENNIFER SEYMOUR -              ZC INDARJEET PAUL
          (Queens Las Americas)               WRIGHT                              (Queens Community)
                                              (Brooklyn Crown Heights)
                 “My home country is Pe-

          ru.    After  I  came  to  the  USA,  I      “Lionism  has  had  a  pro-       “Lionism has opened the
          was  invited to  a  Lions’ Meeting.                                     doors to a brave, new world.  As
                                              nounced impact on my life.  I have
          At  first,  I  was  very  uncomforta-                                   a youth in Guyana,
                                              been  inspired  to  find  confidence
          ble.  But the members welcomed      in my untapped abilities. After my    I  was  told  that  Lionism  is  for
          me so warmly that I soon felt re-                                       rich  people.    But  seven  years
                                              first meeting, I was captivated by
          assured,  relaxed  and  safe.    That                                   ago when I became a Lion,
                                              the  reports  of  activities  to  uplift
          was eleven years ago.               the  community  and  I  knew  that    I realized that Lionism is an op-
                                                                                  portunity  for  civic-minded  indi-
                                              this  experience  would  be  part  of
                 Immediately  after  my  in-  my purpose.                         viduals  to  work  in  teams  and
          duction, I was engaged in service                                       help to improve the well - being
          activities  to  help  those  in  my                                     of others within the community.
                                                     After  only  four  years  as  a
          community who needed support.       Lion, I was thrust into Leadership.
          I continued to learn more about                                                 Today,  I  wear  with
                                              When  I  doubted  my  readiness,  I
          Lionism  and  offer  needed  ser-                                       pride, that same yellow vest and
                                              was encouraged and mentored by
          vice.  I am grateful for the oppor-  PDG  Clarence  Higgins  and  sup-  pin  that  I  admired  in  Guyana.  I
          tunity  to  improve  the  lives  of                                     am  excited,  yet  humbled  that  I
                                              ported by my husband.  I accept-
          others”                                                                 can help to make a positive im-
                                              ed the challenge and participated
                                              in  every  available  training  oppor-  pact where a need exists. Com-
                                                                                  munity  Service  is  so  important
                                              tunity.    Today,  I  am  proud  to  be
                                                                                  to  me,  that  I  am  motivated  to
                                              part  of  the  family  of  Lions  and
                                              serve  to  improve  the  lives  of  the   grow  membership  and  provide
                                                                                  many  more  hands  to  reach
                                              less fortunate among us.”
                                                                                  more people who need the sup-
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