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November/ Fall Edition                                                     LAUNCHED NOVEMBER 2013
                                 The Kings and Quee                                               ns
         Volume V11   No. 2                                                                Kings & Queens

         September 2020
                                          Of The Empire State: E-News

         Volume V11, No. 2


          My dear Lions and Leos,    We were thrilled to showcase    This is a long term sustainability   “Working Together For Your
                                     IFVP Douglas X. Alexander   process whose goal is to grow   Health”.
          In this unprecedented season of   (Brooklyn Bedford Stuyvesant   membership in Constitutional
          uncertainties, we are faced with   Lions Club) at a                    Areas 1   The emotional well - being for all
          more questions than answers.  Yet,   photo-shoot as                    and 2     families is precious, regardless of
          this is an amazing period in the   he served with a                    (USA and   age or appearance, economic or
          history of Lionism in District 20-  large pride of                     Canada).    social status, ethnicity or belief.
          K1. We moved from our zones of   excited Lions in                      For 20-K1,   Psychological illness can affect
          comfort to rapidly learning from   yellow vests, at                    our target   physical health, especially for
          new experiences. I thank every   the District’s                        is to re-  diabetics.  Stress, anxiety and
          Lion and Leo for your continued   Food Distribu-                       cruit 120   depression caused by trauma are
          encouragement and support.  This   tion, held at the                   new mem-  not “in your head”. These are
          is our beloved District and I appre-  VFW Pantry in                    bers and   real causes for concern and re-
          ciate the energy that you bring to   Queens. This                      charter 2   quire professional intervention
          every challenge and every project.   video will be                     new clubs   support.  I advise you to be kind
          I look forward to continuing stand-  presented in                      by June   to yourself, check your psycho-
          ards of excellence and engagement   Montreal at the                    2021. I   logical fortitude and recognize
          as we serve safely in our commu-  “history mak-                        send a    the threats to your health and
          nities.                    ing” 103rd. In-                             rousing   quality of life.
                                     ternational Con-                            Lion’s
                                     vention, when he                            ROAR      To date, LCIF has donated US$5
                                     will be installed as the first Afri-  and Kudos to Richmond Hill /   million for COVID-19 relief
                                     can-American International Pres-  South Ozone Park Lions Club,   projects worldwide.  But with the
             Inside this issue:      ident.  I encourage you to register   (Lion Romeo Hitlall, President)   economic downward trajectory,
                                     early and support his election   for sponsoring a Specialty Club,   there exists a dire food insuffi-
                                     campaign by purchasing a com-  Ozene / Woodhaven / Howard   ciency in parts of Brooklyn and
           A Star is Born     4      memorative polo shirt and tickets   Beach Lions Club.   I must also   Queens.  I urge you therefore, to
                                     for the fund-raising raffle which   sincerely thank PDG Jacqueline   make a concerted effort to sup-
                                     will be drawn in January 2021.
                                                                                           port Campaign 100 and the Glob-
                                                                Williams, Chairperson, and her
           NAMI               8      District 20-K1 is so proud!   team for coordinating our NAMI   al Causes of Alleviating Hunger,
                                                                journey. This proposal will re-  Vision, Childhood Cancer and
           GAT Conference     10     I feel very humbled yet honored   quire a collaborative output from   the Environment.  We are chosen
                                                                                           to serve in different ways, but it
                                                                the GMT, GLT and GST with
                                     that IFVP Doug and CC/ IPDG
                                     Deborah Harrison participated   particular focus on selected clubs   is important to stay safe and be
                                     with us at our first virtual Cabinet
                                                                and Zone Chairs.  And we are
                                                                                           well.  You are important and
           Racing into the Future   18   and General Meetings, with    committed to value the voice of   your life matters.
                                                                every Lion.
           Leo Zone           21     PDGs and 259 Lion participants     Another cornerstone has been   Hearty congratulations to these
                                                                                           Lion Leaders:
                                     representing 59 clubs. I am so
                                     grateful for your steady support.    established in our District.
           Global Causes      24       With excited anticipation, I an-    It is my signature “Mental Health   *  Lion Bernice Cheatam
                                                                                           (Bedford Stuyvesant),
                                     nounce that District 20-K1 has   Program”chaired by Lion Dr.   winner of The PDGs’ Earl and
           Mindful Moments    27     launched our involvement in   Maureen Cort - Blackson   Ruth Williams’ Legacy Award,
                                     LCI’s newest initiative, The   (Brooklyn Leaders) and her team
                                     North American Membership   of expert professionals.  For such
           Good & Welfare     43     Initiative, (NAMI).        a time as this, the charge is   “DG Jackie’s Message Cont’d on
                                                                                           Page 2.”
                                             Serving Lions of District 20-K1 and MD 20
                                        “Diversity with Kindness, Humility and Love”
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