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One Step Ahead

               Research hospitals: a vital link between discovery and health

                Research hospitals are unique environments. They   UHN, like other research hospitals, is affiliated
                bring discoveries and clinical care together under   with a degree-granting institution. While UHN’s
                one roof, enabling tight-knit collaborations that   trainees receive their degrees from the University
                are key to applying research in the real world.   of Toronto, their research projects are carried out
                                                                 at the hospital. The multidisciplinary environment
               We asked members of TeamUHN what working          brings wide-reaching benefits to students:
                in a research hospital means to them. Their
                responses, which you can watch in the video above,   •  Trainees are mentored by world-class experts
                emphasize the following benefits:                  and encouraged to continuously innovate,
                                                                   improve upon current procedures and
               •  Research hospitals enable researchers to engage   treatments, and solve health challenges in
                 patients and frontline care providers as partners.  unconventional ways.

               •  Solutions can be rapidly prototyped, tested and   • As one of the world’s top hospitals, UHN
                 applied in the clinical environment.              attracts curious, bright minds and enables
                                                                   them to reach their full potential. These diverse
               •  Hospitals foster a supportive culture where      individuals become part of a resilient network of
                 practical knowledge is valued and can be used to   international experts that improve standards of
                 address pressing problems.                        care around the world.

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