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•  Trainees go on to careers in the public and    •  The research hospital ecosystem constantly
                 private sectors, spreading the benefits and       enriches its health care expertise and is a key
                 expanding the reach of their knowledge and        resource for policy makers.
                 expertise. This dissemination brings a higher
                 quality of health care to Canadians from coast   • As part of the global scientific enterprise,
                 to coast to coast and to the world.               hospital researchers have access to international
                                                                   expertise, best practices and resources.
               A research-infused healthcare system is well-     •  Integrating commercialization ventures within
               prepared for emerging public health crises: health   the biotechnology sector brings new discoveries
               care teams can work directly with researchers to    to Canadians and the global community faster.
               identify and solve problems as they arise. In short,   The associated revenues are reinvested in new
               research hospitals support the team science needed   discoveries—UHN generated over $81 million
               for the future cures:                               in licensing revenue over the last four years.

               •  UHN has highly specialized preclinical         THE NEED FOR SUSTAINABLE FUNDING
                 research personnel and facilities. These teams   Despite the vital role that research hospitals play
                 and resources enable advanced therapeutics and   in improving health, funding models often fail to
                 diagnostics to be rapidly tested in experimental   support the full costs of doing research in hospitals
                 models before they are used clinically.         (i.e., equipment, facilities and infrastructure costs).
                                                                 Watch the video below to learn more.

               How much does research cost at our hospitals? The video above describes what it takes to cover the full costs of world-class research,
               biomedical discoveries and technologies to improve health—costs that include those incurred by scientists and those incurred by the
               organization to support their research.

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