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A Team Sport

               Exceptional science is born from diverse members of TeamUHN

                (Top left, clockwise) Sarah Jiwa, Ankita Puri, Paraish Misra, Gregory Collins, Mark Gower and Shaghayegh Foroozan.
                Scientific breakthroughs are made each and       See the next page to learn about the following
                every day at UHN. Working together across        members of TeamUHN:
                roles, departments and disciplines enables us to
                think bigger and fight harder in our pursuit of A   •  Sasha Howell, an Executive Assistant in the
               Healthier World through discovery and innovation.   UHN corporate office, who supports Dr. Brad
               To celebrate the incredible people behind our
                breakthroughs, we launched a campaign called     • Andy Zeng, an MD/PhD student at the Princess
               You @TeamUHN. This news series highlights           Margaret Cancer Centre, who is conducting
                the unique roles and perspectives of our peers and   research on leukemia in the lab of Dr. John Dick;
                their passion for advancing health and well-being.
                                                                 •  Niroshica Mohanathas, a PhD student in
                In this series, TeamUHN members share what         the lab of Dr. Jennifer Campos at the KITE
                health research means to them and provide readers   Research Institute who embraces her interests
               with an inside view of the work that is taking place   outside of the lab to enrich her research; and
                across our institutes, medical programs, facilities,
                and operational and administrative teams.        •  Nadine Hubert, Strategic Communications
                                                                   Manager at UHN Foundation, who supports
                                                                   fundraising for research.

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