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Editorial Assistance                                                       Editorial

                Iresha Mihirani                                     As  per  the  standard  definition,  any  writing
                                                            can  be  termed  as  Creative  Writing,  which  is
                   Priyanka. A                              written  with  the  creativity  of  mind,  aiming  to
                                                            express  feelings,  inner  thoughts/emotions  in
     Wildanita Risna Anggi Aisyifa                          words.  Monomousumi  is  a  platform  through
                                                            which  a  writer  can  convey  their  thoughts  to
              Mawar Puspitasari                             the broader audience.

                                                                  We,     through,
                 Priyanka Basu                              organize  various  international  writing  contests

        Andinna Septiana Esaputri                           and  a  few  selected  articles  written  by  these
                                                            participants  are  included  in  the  Weaver
                                                            Magazine  along  with  other  informative  and
                                                            indulging  articles.  We  understand  how  to
                                                            nurture  the  creative  ideas  of  the  young
                                                            participants.  We  believe  that  no  matter
                                                            whether  a  magazine  is  delivered  to  your

                                                            address      as    printed      one     or    to    your
                                                            computer/mobile/tablet,  it  is  the  content  and
                Designer                                    package  of  ideas,  which  is  more  critical  for  its
                                                            readers.  Weaver  Magazine  is  about  trust  and
                                                            partnership:  We,  the  editorial  team,  will  strive
                                                            hard  to  keep  you  engaged  with  focused  and
                          &                                 informative  articles  from  a  wide  range  of
                                                            subjects.  The  USP  of  the  magazine  is  to  give
                                                            readers  an  exciting  blend  of  information  and
        Managing Editor                                     real-life experiences of experts.

                                                                          Weaver  also  creates  a  sea  of
                                                            opportunities for the corporate houses as well.
         Tanumoy Chaterjee                                  Weaver  Magazine  is  a  platform  that  allows

                                                            your  brand  or  products  to  reach  a  wider
                                                            community.        We,     through      the    “Weaver”
                                                            showcase  your  real  value  before  the  readers
                                                            through  your  success  stories,  interviews  and
                                                            objectives  in  broader  senses.  Any  small,
                Publisher                                   medium  or  big  corporate  houses  are  welcome

                                                            to  collaborate  to  make  their  perfect  branding
                                                            through  the  real  leads.  One  of  the  most
     Monomousumi Services                                   significant  ways  to  do  so  is  to  sponsor  a

                                                            contest  to  support  a  social  cause.  Get  noticed                                      with us to leapfrog your business!,

                +91 9869807603
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