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          There  are  many  functions  of  the  architecture.   There  are  7  kinds  of  architectural  style  terms,
          Architecture  is  not  only  used  to  build  a       namely  minimalist  architectural  style,  modern
          functional,   aesthetic   and    sturdy    building   architectural  style,  classical  architectural  style,
          construction.  Architecture  in  general  functions   contemporary  architectural  style,  Scandinavian
          as  a  structure  that  balances  the  surrounding    architectural  style,  industrial  architectural  style,
          environment, including natural, human and social      and rustic architectural style.
          factors.  Here  is  a  complete  description  of  the      Most people do not realize that the existence of
          function  of  architecture  in  our  lives.  The  first,  architecture  can  affect  human  psychology.  We
          architecture  as  a  functional  requirement  for     can see this through human moods and behavior
          physical,   spiritual,   emotional   (spiritual   &   in everyday life. In addition, it also appears when
          intellectual).  Second,  architecture  as  an  answer  we  are  in  a  room  or  building.  Our  knowledge  in
          to  challenges:  climate,  technology,  society,      the world of architecture will certainly affect our
          culture. Third, architecture serves as a biological   psychology. When we are in an architecture that
          and  psychological  balance  in  the  sense  that  it  has  layouts  or  ideas  that  are  not  in  accordance
          functions  as  a  barrier  (filter)  between  the  body  with the activities being carried out, it will allow
          and its natural environment. Fourth, architecture     the emergence of feelings of lack of enthusiasm or
          as a biological and psychological balance which is    feelings of saturation.
          a continuation of human adaptation behavior to            As social beings, humans live and are shaped by
          the  world.  Fifth,  architecture  as  a  space  where  the environment in which they live. This is where
          humans  live  by  sharing.  Space,  people,  life,  and  it  starts,  where  the  psychological  aspect  of  the
          happiness,  its  relationship  to  the  experience  of  individual  is  influenced  by  environmental  and
          everyday life in a simple way can also be realized    social  conditions.  The  level  of  privacy,  spatial
          by  architecture.  Sixth,  architecture  as  the  built  planning,  character,  accessibility,  circulation  and
          environment  as  a  whole,  not  only  as  an         even  aesthetic  aspects  can  have  an  impact  on
          object/product,       but      also      as     an    human  psychological  aspects,  houses  to  urban
          institution/process.  Finally,  architecture  as  an  planning are indirectly arranged and designed by
          object and cultural process. The world's ancient      an  architect.  Our  life  is  surrounded  by
          monuments that are glorified until now are one        architecture,  the  environment  in  which  we  do
          of the products of Architecture.                      activities  is  filled  by  architecture.  So  there  is  no
                  Therefore,  architecture  is  not  just  an  object  mistake, architecture will affect the psychological
          that  is  designed,  but  a  unit  of  environmental  aspects of every individual who lives in it.
          management       including     its   psychological            Apart  from  being  in  the  realm  of  human
          elements. As stated by Laurens (2004, p. 26) that     psychology,  architecture  is  also  influential  in
          architecture is not just a status object or a set of  changing human lifestyles. Architects plan, design
          physical  objects  that  will  eventually  become     and  oversee  infrastructure.  Practicing  lifestyle
          obsolete. Studying this field also means studying     architecture  means  providing  services  related  to
          things  that  are  invisible  as  part  of  reality,  the  creation  and  creation  of  useful  and  healthy
          concrete reality and symbolic reality.                families  and  relationships,  and  the  environment
          There are many designations for terms in home         around  the  people  who  live  there.  Architecture
          architecture  such  as  "modern  minimalist,          has the means to benefit on me and inspire me a
          Scandinavian,  industrial  and  many  more.  We       lot,  architecture  make  me  feel  better  and  faster.
          often  hear  this  term  or  read  it  from  the  mass  Being  surrounded  by  constant  design  has  a
          media,  the  goal  is  to  get  the  impression  of  a  psychological  effect  on  people  who:  Dark  or
          house  that  is  designed  in  a  new,  modern  style  poorly lit places scare people and make them feel
          and with contemporary tastes.                         cold.                                Page  4

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