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                                                                                   Master of Opening Restaurants

         C                                                        Inspiration

                 hef Krishna Khetle is a well recognized chef
          and brand developer who has given birth to many         Like  the  most  of  the  chefs,  it’s  his  mother
          F & B brands as his brainchild, Besides from being      who  has  inspired  him  to  go  ahead  in  this
          a  chef,  he  is  an  Chef  Entrepreneur  and  media    industry  and  explore  himself.  She  was  the
          personality  who  is  endowed  with  the  charming      world  for  him  when  he  was  growing  and
          looks holding high dignity for his cooking passion.     talking  about  food.  It  has  to  be  deeply
          Chef  KK  this  name  has  given  by  one  of  very     satisfying.  Gourmet  specialist  Chef  Krishna
          famous restaurateurs as recognition to his brilliant    loves  the  touch,  feeling  and  procedure  of
          delicacy and execution.                                 putting  perfect  sustenance  in  the  plate,
                                                                  which  keeps  him  frying,  poaching,  peeling,
           Chef Krishna is one of the most well-known and         roasting and baking.
          top 50 faces of the Indian culinary world, an active
          member of Western India culinary association and        How did his journey as a chef begin?
          holding  over  21  years  of  experience  in  Food  &   With  the  hands-on  experience,  the  whole
          Beverage Industry. Chef KK holds an award for the       story  started  with  his  decision  to  pursue
          best  ITALIAN  CUISINE  from  CAFÉ  MANGII,  for  4     culinary  ambitions  by  beginning  with  an
          consecutive  years  and  many  more  times  food        education  in  food  production  at  Rizvi,
          awards along with Best lifestyle award for Playboy      Mumbai.
          India.He  is  equally  adept  with  innovative  cuisine
          that is with a par of best culinary standards in the    His first step in the kitchen was 19 years ago
          world. Cooking is his passion and travelling is his     and still going on, a lot of water has passed
          hobby  that  is  why  he  could  travelled  in  48      under the bridge. This industry has seen him
          countries  to  enhance  his  cooking  skill  before  he  travel around the globe.
          comes back to Bombay from London.
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