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                                                                              Recently Launched projects

                                                                              Brain Child
                                                                               Spice Laundry - Mumbai, Chembur
                                                                              Tafe Terrace Cafe

                                                                              Chef consultant
                                                                              Baoji, Asian home, Mumbai, Oshiwara
                                                                              Facing east – Pan Asian, Mumbai
                                                                              Ohh – Pitara – Resto Bar, New Mumbai
                                                                              EOS roof top bar – Lucknow
                                                                              Secret story – Bangalore
                                                                              Bhola & Blonde – Bangalore
                                                                              1BHK, Mumbai
                                                                              1 BHK – Banglore
                                                                              Bombay Adda – Mumbai and Bangalore
                                                                              Chufang, BKC
                                                                              Papparoti - Mumbai
                                                                              Coffee By Di Bella, Bandra, Thane, Mulund
                                                                              Krishna Palace – Flute, Sudama
                                                                              Kailash Parbat, Singapore, Ahmedabad
                                                                              Facing East – Mumbai
                                                                              The Union Bar & Eating House
                                                                              The Homemade Cafe Oshiwara, Mumbai
                                                                              The homemade Cafe and Bar, Juhu, Mumbai
                                                                              The food Foundary – New Bombay
                                                                              Vilayati, New Bombay
                                                                              Kala Ghora Cafe, Chandigadh
                                                                              The Little Easy, Bandra
                         About KK                                             Barworks Eatery & Bar
                                                                              The Asian Curry House, Banglore
                                                                              ZOBET - kolkata

                                                                              Chief strategist
                                                                              The game Palacio – Bandra
                      Alumni  of St Xavie, Mumbai                             Chef- Preneur P Town Bar – Pune
                                                                              #LIIT Bar - Pune
                      Passout of Culinary school: Rizvi, Mumbai               Founder & Chef
                                                                              TThe London Curry House – Bangalore

                      21 years of experience in Food and                      Aasian Curry House- banglore
                      Beverage Industry in different capacities               Former Corporate Chef
                                                                              Playboy India
                                                                              KA Hospitality (Tiffin box etc. café infinito, Yauatcha -
                     Top 50 faces of the Indian culinary world                Hakkasan )
                                                                              Mirah Hospitality - Cafe Mangii, Pallatte, Le Mangii
                      Best Italian Cuisine from Cafe MangiI
                                                                              Upcoming Domestic Projects
                      Best lifestyle award for Playboy India                  Coco Maya – Goa
                                                                              Shetty Bar, Flashback dining  – Bombay – Brainchild
                                                                              Farm to table concept Cherrie Berry – Coonoor
                                                                              CoccoLocco – Indore
                      Member of Western India culinary association            White garden – Bangalore
                                                                              BAHAANA – New Bombay
                      Working with renowned restaurents in the                Flavours - Ahmedabad
                      capacity of Chef Consultant, cheif Strategist,          International Project
                      chef partner , Brand chef etc.                          Consultant chef - Masala canteen – Doha Qatar
                                                                              The kailashparbat – Singapore
                                                                              Bombay – Budapest, Hungary
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