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Employee User Guide

                   7.  In the Out cell of the newly added row, enter the end time for the transfer.

                   8.  Click Save.


               By default, worked hours applied to your primary job.  This will apply if your department tracks hours by
               specific jobs.  You can perform job transfers to apply worked hours to different jobs.  Recent job transfer
               options will appear as search options.  If you do not have access to the job section you require, please
               contact your manager.  You may transfer hours for a full day or partial day.

               FULL SHIFT

                   1.  Access the My Timecard widget.

                   2.  Select a day in the timecard grid.

                   3.  In the In cell, enter the time you started
                       working, and then press Tab.

                   4.  In the Out cell, enter the time you
                       stopped working, and then press Tab.

                   5.  Double-click on the Transfer cell; from
                       the drop-down list, select Search.

                   6.  In the Job Transfer tab, select the
                       applicable job.

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