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Employee User Guide

                       Note:  Missed punches occur when:

                          •  You attempt to add time in an Out cell for a day where a start time was not entered in
                              the In cell.
                          •  You attempted to punch in for a day and did not punch out for your last shift.

                   3.  Click inside the cell

                   4.  Enter the missing time detail, and then press the tab button on your keyboard.

                       NOTE: After the time detail is entered into the missed punch cell, the cell stays red until you save
                       your changes.

                   5.  Click Save

               ENTERING PAY CODES

               The hours you enter into your timecard are automatically allocated to a default pay code.  If you need to
               add hours to your timecard that require a different pay code, for example, PTO or Bereavement time,
               you can manually add the applicable pay code and the associated hours to your timecard.

                   •  Enter pay codes such as PTO or Bereavement
                   •  Enter pay codes manually
                   •  Adding a pay code to a timecard may create an exception
                          o  Click on the visual indicator to review the details

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